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This jacket has literally been around the world, more than once. Spotted and treasured with more than 3 years of design, this piece is finally ready to be sold. A military approved canvas jacket. The sleeves are tailored cuffless for a baggier fit. (perfect for a top layer) It also has some length to it. But not long, like most of the jackets on the store currently. This jacket fits true to size.

Featuring the ampersand symbol on the front right chest. Signifying the help from the company most affiliated with @southernscum. The front left chest reads WE ARE S.S. (a retro of a classic campaign by the scum co) which is no longer in direct circulation and in bright orange plastisol ink. The back is also a silk screened imprint. Bright orange & BOLD 12 inch letters that read SS and hand drawn by a Mr. Stefan Brandow. The inside size tag(s) read LARGE in 3 inch vinyl letters accompanied with care instructions. Topped with a corduroy hand sewn tag with the anchor logo. On the front right pocket a patterned fabric hook with the anchor logo.

As like most pieces sold on this store, this jacket comes only one of one.

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